Skype on Ubuntu: No microphone on CM8738

I have just installed Ubuntu 9.10 "Karmic Koala" on a PC containing a C-Media Electronics Inc CM8738 sound-card. Quite oddly, although the microphone seemed to work thru Application->Sound & Video->PulseAudio Volume Control, there was no playback from the Skype call testing service.

Right clicking on the Volume control icon -> Sound Preferences -> Input seemed also silent. After fooling around a bit I realized that I need to set the proper input device not in PulseAudio but in alsamixer. Typing alsamixer in a terminal starts the mixer:

Press F4 to view the Capture controls, then the right arrow until you reach the microphone:

Now press the Up Arrow to increase your volume to an acceptable level (I have set it to the max just in case), and press ESC to exit from the mixer. This sets the microphone as the default input device with an adequate volume.

Go back to Skype and redo that call-testing (she has a beautiful accent, hasn't she?)

Hopefully it works now!

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