Delayed screen capture in Ubuntu

We all know about the PrintScreen button in Windows which copies the actual screen to the clipboard, which can be pasted to the lovely MSPaint and saved to a file. Also quite well known the OSX keyboard shortcut CMD+Shift+3 which captures the screen and creates a file on the desktop (btw CMD+Shift+4 gives you a crop cursor to select of a smaller rectangle, and if you can press the SHIFT key as well - provided you have so many flexible fingers of course - you'll have the image on the clipboard like on Windows/PrintScreen).

But what about Ubuntu? Especially running on a Macbook where we don't have a PrintScreen button?

Easy: just create a new Application Launcher to gnome-screenshot which will create a file like OSX does. Right click on the center of the menu bar on the top of the screen (Ubuntu calls this the Panel), and select Add to panel. Select Custom Application Launcher and click Add.

Enter "Screenshot" in the Name field and the following in the Command field:

gnome-screenshot --delay 5

Click OK, and Close.

Now whenever you click on the freshly created icon, after 5 seconds (which even allows you to position the mouse pointer on your screenshot) the screen is grabbed and a dialog is popped up where you can specify where to save the image. Ubuntu rulez!

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